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The cooperative is located in Lizzano, a small town from which it takes its name, in the heart of Salento. It is a strip of arid and rocky land, between two seas, a natural and wild setting that preserves ancient villages, jewels of the “Lecce Baroque”.

Lizzano is a charming place: its decorative elements, the arches, the bell towers and front doors mark the belonging to an ancient culture.

The town, which has received many rewards in numerous festivals such as Vinitaly, is part of the “Wine routes” circuit, an alternative tourist path that winds along vineyards, wineries, farms and wine and food itineraries.

Cantine Lizzano, together with farmers, tour operators and local administrators has taken part in the project fulfillment creating a shop with a tasting room within the company and opening a wine bar in Pulsano, for those who are keen on wine tourism.

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